As a lifelong member of the fitfan club (I started around age 17....so not too many years ago *wink*) I have always had a passion for all things fitness related. Fitness has always been my "go to" for feeling good. Earlier this year I inadvertently upped my game by running in the Sunshine Beach Run 5km soft sand run in support of RedNose (a charity very close to my heart) and it was such a tremendous feeling to be involved in such a great heartfelt event that I subsequently signed up for the HBF Run for a Reason, the Step Up for MSWA and the City to Surf within quick succession! It's been a great year for me FunRun wise....I actually understand why they are called fun runs....they are totally FUN! Yes, that's right folks...FITNESS IS FUN!!!
The idea for FitBox Gifts came to me somewhere along my FunRun journey as I pondered the usual quandaries of LIFE, the price of avo smash in Perth, where are all the cool fitness accessories that aren't *insert big brand name* and why do people always send GiftBoxes with things like chocolates, flowers, biscuits, soap, wine?
The answer seemed simple! Because what else do they choose when that's all there is to choose from?
Cue...FitBox Gifts. I researched Australian designed Fitness Accessories and guess what? Australia is a goldmine but you wouldn't even know! So many funky, practical and FUN products, I was stoked!
Fitness is FUN. Fitness accessories are FUN.
Fitness is a huge part of Australian lifestyle today.....as it should be! The benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle are undeniably life changing and life saving.
Gifting the important people in your life a FUN filled FitBox Gift will make their day....I promise 👌🏼